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What is VSAP?

Variable Substance Abuse Program, or VSAP, is the first program to couple science and judicial issues to effectively manage substance abuse cases for the legal community. VSAP begins with "variable" because we recognize that there are many options and outcomes possible when it comes to substance abuse treatment. There is no cookie cutter diagnosis or experience. The aim of VSAP is to drastically reduce recidivism by providing quality substance abuse assessments, education, treatment, and case management services. VSAP differentiates between abuse and dependence to better define the best course of services for both client and referent.

"As a legal practitioner who specializes in the representation of families who suffer from the effects of drug and alcohol arrests, I deal with the residual complications of substance abuse problems on a daily basis. VSAP has proven to be a valued and trusted partner in helping my clients deal directly with their issues of substance abuse. Their attention to detail and understanding of client needs allow me to recommend them highly and without reservation."

Attorney, Lafayette, LA


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